Saturday, 12 May 2012

My mum is 70

Hello there
Yes, my mum is now 70 but she's very lucky in that she doesn't look it - me and my sisters can only hope it's in the genes, although some days I think I look older than that already!
One of the things I did for her was make a cushion cover. It can't be classed as a present as such though, as she chose and paid for the material but I finally got my act together and made it in time to give her on the day. I have a range of old missmatched cushion covers in this lounge, which is inexcusable really as they can be so easy to make and make such a difference to a room.

I found a quick way to get the size of the circular cushion cover on the patternreview website, so that was quick and easy and I just did overlap closure.

I used the 'large' Clover yo-yo template. They don't turn out to be what I would call large but suppose they are bigger than the small. I'm not 100% enamoured with them but they just worked out ok with the material I had. You get a full set of instructions with them but I've made a few alterations to make them work for me.
    Don't use the same colour thread as the fabric,
 as I find it gets lost, making it hard to keep track
of where you're up to. This thread is a perfect match,
which ironically made it totally 'imperfect'.
I marked the starting point on the plate because despite
 the fact that you need to superimpose the last stitch over the first one,
 I find it quicker to know exactly which is the first one,
 rather than relying on memory.

I found the centre sewing to be annoying with the application
I was doing, as the back hole buttons didn't fit in nicely,
to the middle,so I left that out with the last two flowers.

One flower definitely wasn't enough though, since it's the same fabric as the cushion cover, so I did three in the end.

I'm still not happy about the shape of the cover as I should've added the 'belt' I made for it to put between the top and bottom layer. I may well pinch the cushion off mum to add that at a later date.

Take care out there

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  1. Diane I love the Regency style fabric, your Mum has good taste!
    Your yo-yos look fabulous... I must have a go at making them they add a cosy feel :)
    Sue x


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