Monday, 21 May 2012

Baptism card

Hello there
Well, what do you think? You like it?.... What?! You think it's a bit basic?! Not very decorative?! Rough and ready?!!
Honestly, what's a girl to do to please you lot?! ...... Hee hee, you'll be glad to hear that I haven't completely lost all my senses, as this is purely a dummy run for a card I'm making for a friend. Actually I need to make two, so I want to get them right. In fact the breaking news is that this was my very first commission, so the pressure was on. AND for a friend - no stress then?!!

On one of my Pinterest boards you'll see where I got the inspiration for this design; a Pinterest pin. I used the foil behind the cross on this little sample though because I had seen a different card design which included a metallic background but I didn't pin it, so then couldn't find it. The moral of this story is fairly obvious!
The original design just used a fancy shape to put the recipient's name onto and a butterfly. To my mind, that wasn't significant enough, so I chose an open book design instead, which I had to grab from t'internet and put into Word and then add the text. I did try using CraftArtist but for some reason it didn't 'like' the jpeg document and it appeared all blurred. I originally selected a verse from Matthew to put into the book, as it was about Jesus's baptism but my 'client' said that this verse from Deuteronomy was her preferred verse to display. So there it is. I had a debate as whether to ink or not to ink around the edges, which I even got 'him indoors' involved with. I decided to go without ink in the end, as the card mat below it is pink and therefore blends the book in, whereas it needed to be highlighted in my opinion.

The card blank was basically 6.5in square.

I had to get the cross shapes from ebay as I don't have the wedding Cricut cartridge they were created from..............
(There's another thing on my wish list and now that I've got myself a job, I might have more chance of getting it, although that salary is almost spent already and I'm a month off pay day)........
That placed me under pressure too as despite paying for them on 7th May, they didn't arrive until May 16th. Thankfully I had the foresight to make the majority of the card up, whilst waiting for the crosses to arrive.

The decorative swirls were cut from Ornamental Iron2 cartridge - lace 2 function of gate 10c, size 2.833 (w) x 2.528 (h).

My next dilemma was, to blingify or not to blingify- yes I know, that's not really a word but just roll with it for my sake :-)  These cards are for two special ladies, so in my opinion blingifying is ESSENTIAL!

Bling free

Hopefully you agree with me. I know they're only tiny but it's all in the detail!

Yet another decision I had to make was what to have on the envelope. I had created some extra swirly designs but in the end I decided upon shadow versions of the cross; which is of course the most important thing on this project.
Ta dah!
I hope that the ladies have a great event to remember forever.

Take care out there

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  1. Superb work and well done on the commission Diane! Love the idea and the way you made the card. Clever girl!


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