Sunday, 20 November 2011


Hello there

Just a quick post to show how I ended up using a card I made not long ago in a craft class. I'm sending it to the owner of the cottage we stayed at in Northumberland ,as this week he sent me the pyjamas which Maggie had left there. I can't begin to describe how we made the card but it was made using Stampin' Up products and Helen taught me the technique, so please do visit  Helen's blog for an explanation on the split negative technique.

I made the envelope with the help of MyCraftStudio cd-roms 'Fab Glam 50's'  and 'Flourishes', as I knew I wanted a scrolly monochromatic look and to use my Ultimate Pro to make it, I would need a 12x12 paper to start off with and I haven't got a paper of that size in that style. I chose the paper first and because the paper is so busy, I had to also do the interim measure of choosing a dark, plain coloured background and place it on top of the swirls but behind the template, as the template is transparent until placed over coloured paper and that just made it so much easier to see it, in order to  adapt the C6 envelope template to fit the 6in x5in size of this card. Don't forget to delete the blue layer before you print, cut, score and glue and off you go.

Take care out there

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  1. Love how you've mounted the whole medallion instead of cutting it down. and love the envelope!


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