Monday, 14 November 2011

I'm not a happy bunny

Hello there

Monday mornings when it's damp and grey and has been for days and the dogs have chewed and dug their way through a few things are quite trialling. I needed a break from the chores of clearing up after them, so I made this card for my step-dad whose birthday it is this Thursday 17th November. It was made using the 'You're never too old' cd-rom with artwork by Sue Janson. She's Australian, so the slant is wrong really but I like a few of the elements and pictures in there for the more mature of my card recipients, so I bought it in February at the Manchester Craft fair at the G-Mex or whatever they're calling it now.

It was so quick to do, even the design just seemed to happen for me which is just as well, because I would've lost my rag completely if it hadn't. It has made my morning and I'm now feeling alot calmer with myself and relieved that I can get it in the post this afternoon.

I'm off to meet Jenny now as she has two cocker spaniels too, so we're going to compare nightmare stories about them whilst we go on a long walk. It's not raining, so long may that last.

Take care out there

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