Monday, 7 November 2011

I need sandpaper!

Hello there

I've had a delivery (well, that's half a truth, as I was out when they tried to deliver it last week, so I've just been to the depot to collect it) and I'm rather excited. Look, look!!

I've finally got my hands on some of this infamous paper. Crafter's Companion had a special deal on for their birthday. The Kraft Core paper pack was free and I got a little Humphrey's Corner stamp collection free too; which has a nice 'handmade with love' stamp in there which I might use.

I now need to find some sandpaper and get my embossing folders out and try these babies out. If only my blinkin' Cricut expression was working, then I could cut something straight away. Unfortunately on that note, I still haven't had a reply about another question I asked them, about the firmware update instructions they sent me. That's very upsetting/annoying but I'll use this little high of the paper arriving to cheer me up.

Let's hope I can create something nice with this. Non-Crafters won't understand how I can get excited about paper but it's the potential it holds for making good stuff that excites me. I've always loved colour and I think my crafting enjoyment stems alot from that.

Anyway, take care out there

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