Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Osmonds

Hello there
 A fairly quick little post here, mostly to help me remember how I made the cute little paper roses (hence the title! Before any of you fellow oldies say anything - I know it was Marie Osmond who actually sang the song :-) )

I used the Flower Shoppe cartridge and after watching loads of videos and tutorials, which took me off on the usual lengthy youtube session, I decided upon the best method for me with the tools I have. I cut four 'fun4' shapes from page 16 of the booklet at 2.5inches.

I cut one petal off one of them, two off another and three off another, which of course left one of them untouched. For this method, you don't need the little tab, so it's up to you if you cut it off or leave it. I then roughed them up a bit, to make them easier to work with. As part of that scrumpling, roll over the top of each petal to the outside; this will give them a natural shape once completed. Remember to ink around the edges at this stage, if that's the look you want.
Now take the smallest one and roll it up to form the centre piece. Roll from the straight edge inwards. You need to do it so that there are two petals opposite each other for the best look, then glue the edge to the back. With the others, bring the straight edges together and overlap the outer petals and glue them. 

Once set in place, put them in your spray booth i.e old cardboard box. Cut 'fun5' leaf out at 1.5inches, as many times as you like and ink around the edges and put them in the box too and spray with SU glimmer mist. This just adds a certain je ne sais quoi :-)
Here's a couple which didn't make the final project. It really is vital that you use practise pieces first, so that if they're no good, you won't feel cross with yourself for wasting your lovely card. Actually doing things works so much better than just reading or watching about them. 
I also cut one flower at 1.25inches and some of the leaves at a smaller size too.
They really help set off my table decorations which I firstly filled with some tiny dried rosebuds.

Word to the wise - just found a website called photovisi. That's where I got that brilliant photo collage from. It's extremely quick and easy to create a fun display. Love it!!!!

Take care out there

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  1. Oh I wish I had time to poke around You Tube :(

    These are really pretty flowers Diane and I love the photo display. ff to check that out xxx


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