Tuesday, 12 February 2013

MIMM - page 1

Hello there

I'm finally getting round to doing page 1 of my Me in My Moleskin journal. You can see what I did with the cover here. I have instructions from Kirsty but I prefer to think of them as pointers/guides/inspiration to get me moving and so far, they're working very well. 

Without further ado, here's the page:

I had a field day using bits which were just lying on my desk, such as the leaves and the ladybird. The flower shapes were sprayed through a piece of die-cut leftover I had in a box of card I found, whilst looking for the card for the sun pieces. I then highlighted them a bit by doodling inside the stencil quickly.
Yet again I love the shimmer that the SU champagne mist adds to sprays- as can be seen on the tag. I used the leftover die-cut sheet for the tag flower shapes again. Kirsty provides prompts for what to write too; hence the first sentence being that Diane means divine but I'm sure you're all aware of my heavenly nature!!! ;-)

I've read today about a lady who is using her journal as a means of 'outlet', as her life is pretty manic and not too happy right now. That is an excellent reason to do a journal but I'm mainly doing mine for a crafty outlet (as if I need yet another project to be working on??!!)  and also as a memory book about me, so that my daughter can see it in years to come and know me a bit better maybe. Scrapbooking records memories too but this is solely about me, so rather daunting in a way yet still important for my daughter to get a fuller picture of who I am/was.

Take care out there

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