Thursday, 14 February 2013

I had no choice

Hello there
Since Chris bought me red roses over the weekend (yes, I know, I did wonder what he might've done wrong for me to get them, as it's not something he does routinely or even bi-annually really), he left me with no choice but to rush to make him a card for Valentines. One of the awkward things is that he's away working, so I had to post it to him on Monday.
It wasn't difficult for me to decide that fluffy bunnies, gushy love hearts and such like weren't going to happen. I went straight to thinking steampunk, as he used to love trains and planes. I had a look through Sarah Hurley's steampunk digikit with Craftartist and my Tinkering with Steampunk cd-rom by MyCraftStudio  and came up with some ideas. I found the black wheels paper in a pad I had. The worst bits were cutting out the train shape and those circular letters, as they're rather small.
On the whole, I really like the way the card turned out, other than the word journey which I printed onto Safmat, and it only dawned on me at the last minute that it blended into the background rather too well. It was too late by then to do anything else, so I had to leave it. Everything was distressed with Vintage photo - that's such a life saver thing to do, as with printed items which need cutting out; the inking covers any white bits you may have left. Not that I did anything as poor as that of course though, I'm sure my cutting out was perfect! ;-) I also used a glossy medium on the tags, just to help them look more realistic/solid.

Some basically coordinating paper, from the same pad as the black wheels, was used for the insert (Chris loves birds too).
A suitable stamping and inking for the envelope and hey presto. I'm sorted for Valentine's Day.
It's a far from traditional type card but I hope he'll like it and be really surprised by getting it handed to him by the lady behind reception where he'll be working.

Take care and hope you can find love, in whatever form, at sometime today.

p.s I haven't found out about anything bad he may have done to feel guilty enough to get me flowers. He spent all weekend cooking allsorts of stuff, so I gotta love him :-)

p.s.s the heart placemats I made last year are on the table too, as are the paper rose, tealight holders I showed you last week.


  1. that's a fabulous Valentine for a man, something I think we've all struggled with! I'm sure he will love it.

    Thank you so much for sharing and I'm so pleased my kit inspired you.

    Sarah x

  2. hehe I didn't get even one red rose!!!! Not that I mind...much hahaha!!!! We don't tend to do Valentines. My fault really as he kept forgetting so I let him off the hook by saying I wasn't too worried hahaha!!!

    I hope hubby liked his gorgeous card and appreciated the work that went into it my lovely xxx

  3. Well, he's not hubby; we're living in sin - well, he wishes we were!! ;-)
    It arrived a day late but he was really pleased with it and everyone in the office was ooing and ahhing in all the right places apparently :-)

  4. I love this!Sarah's Steam Punk kit's one of my favourites and I love what you've done with it.Fab!


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