Sunday, 3 February 2013

Feeling blue

Hello there

Over on The Crafty Network's blog, there is a challenge at the minute for all crafters to enter. The title is 'Winter Blues'. So your handcrafted item can be anything from knitting, card making, jewellery - whatever you like! As long as it's vaguely related to the theme at least. You don't have to be a craftseller; you can be a pure hobbyist if you like. I just so happened to be working on a couple of things which, for one reason or another ended up being blue. I'd also like to make another wreath, like the one I made for one of my sister's for Christmas, as that was blue.

These challenges have been running for over a year now and Linda has decided to 'up the anti' this year by now asking us to be creative with your photographs and project descriptions too. This is a good selling tool, so she's doing it for our benefit. It makes entering that bit more challenging though.

I've taken a tonne of photos of the two projects and deleted tonnes too, so here's what's remaining in the little video. I've numbered them, so let me know which ones you think I should enter. Give suggestions for better photos if you think mine are all rubbish. The music in the video is nice and relaxing too, so just enjoy that if nothing else :-)

The framed item you may recognise as a Tando arch, which I mentioned in a recent post.  It was great fun altering the arch, as it's only a narrow surface to alter, so not too stressful for an amateur like me. 
The box with the yo-yo's on it, is a John Lewis hamper box I got full of goodies at Christmas but I'm re-purposing it as a toilet roll holder in our downstairs toilet. Not very glamorous for it but I like it. I just thought it needed something extra. The yo-yo's were thought of quickly as I have a couple of my canvasses in there too and one of those has yo-yo's made with the same fabric. This time though I used an old t-shirt of my daughter's as well and I stamped on them. This was as a result of watching a video by Revlie Shuit, as part of the Creative Jumpstart 2013. Revlie makes the most gorgeous fabric mini albums.

None of the items could be sold, not that I want to but it'll still be fun for me to enter, in order to push my boundaries and help me do more for my Folksy shop. I've yet to have time to do any descriptions - I'll wait a couple of days to see if this post gets any comments and then I'll do a marketing description of the one I chose to enter.

Take care out there whilst having fun!

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  1. Oh Crikey!!! what a thing to ask someone who always takes straight on photos haha! I do like no9 but then its a gorgeous Tando arch haha x


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