Sunday, 18 December 2011

Yet another napkin box

Hello there
Yes, you're right; this is my third entry today. Well, I've made time, so I might as well. I also like to push myself to work hard. I'm not working for a living as such at the moment, which means I feel I need to 'prove' myself and not be lazy. I'm certainly not that as each and every day offers up so many things to do; I rarely manage to do everything I want but I do alot of it.
As you can see, it hasn't even dried yet as the paper clips holding the box section together are still on there. The napkins I want for this box, are 21cm square, so I cut a 29cm square piece of card with 4cm score lines around every edge (4cm is plenty high enough to take the 20 napkins in each pack) to make up the box. I then used my new Winter Woodland cartridge and cut the layers needed for the poinsettias and the hollies- they were cut at 5cm believe it or not yet they still fit nicely on the edges of the box.

Some will look at this box and say it's very basic. I agree. That is no reason to scorn it though. There are only 24 hours in a day and so many things I want to do. I tend to work on so many various projects rather than just one type, so I'm constantly challening myself. For that reason, I can't expand on projects much; I can't embellish more; I can't/don't add more details. I do have to stop myself even from thinking negatively about that. At least I am 'doing'; I'm not sitting back and complaining that I don't have enough time/money/help/knowledge to do things. I can and do whinge to myself sometimes about such things but then I have to give myself a kick and push myself on to do the best I can in my circumstances at the time.
I may well (time allowing) make more of these sort of boxes and  place them around the house and put sweets in them. For those though I will need to use some patterned paper inside the box I think or the starkness of the white under the sweets won't be good- unless I use a coloured card of course, or I could stamp and colour in images inside or I could cut some Christmas phrases out with my Cricut. There's always so many options of ways to do things.

Take care out there

p.s handles for the sweetie boxes might be really cute too - decorated with the same images as I put on the outside of the box- perhaps lots of poinsettia leaves to make it look like a kind of vine handle.

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