Saturday, 3 December 2011

Tim Holtz is causing me stress

Hello there

I'm sure my crafting friends will all of heard of Tim Holtz's 12 Christmas tags. It starts each year on December 1st and he does a new one every day - hot off the presses, so to speak i.e he makes them on the day and puts full instructions on his blog- Tim's blog -click here. I haven't got a chance in hell of doing all 12 but I'm going to try to do a couple. Well, I say 'do', what I mean is, use a few as inspiration to make something almost similiar as Christmas decorations. My stash won't stand up to his huge studio full of stuff, although he does encourage improvisation, so hey, who am I to let him down?!!
His day three tag uses a gorgeous stamp with loads of Christmas associated words on it. Sufficive to say, I don't own it, so I'm creating my own stamps with my Cricut and Cuttables. It's taken a little while on CricutCraftroom to get the words the correct size and location on the scrap of Cuttables I had but it's worked. Well, to be honest, I made a mistake with the word 'Happy' which I fitted in after doing the other four words. It cut them in the right place but silly me was unsure about whether or not they had cut properly or not, so cut them twice; that only led to the letters being broken up. So I won't be doing that again!

The top bit shows you all that is left of the one piece of Cuttables I've used so far - there's not alot left there, which is great! The bottom section shows you the stamps of course. Now I need to get on and use them.
This one tag might take me days but hopefully I'll enjoy it.
Maggie actually asked me to do some specific crafting things with her tomorrow, so I'm going to enjoy doing that with her. She's found some projects in a magazine and torn them out to show me, which I love as it's all her idea; no pushing from me. We'll have to go to Hobbycraft to get some red and white felt but I'm sure I can tolerate that - hee hee.

I'll post any further work I manage on this tag, when I do it basically. So don't hold your breath!

Take care out there

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