Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Last month's craft class challenge

Long time no blog but there's just no time these days i.e school summer holidays. Despite the fact that I'm not working, I still seem to be very busy and there's never enough time to craft. I've got so many projects on the go or awaiting my time. I mustn't stress though as crafting is meant to be fun but I like to push myself to achieve certain things every day. There's loads of things I've created but there's never enough time to blog about them all - I'd rather be doing craft than writing about it but I also appreciate immensely the people who do fantastic craft work AND blog about it enthusiastically and imaginatively, so I'll do my tiny bit. I mostly write this for my records though, so I can remember past projects and smile.

This entry is focused on the papers which Helen Ding gave us in last month's craft class. We were meant to create a 12x12 scrap page with the papers but we never got time in the class due to the disruption caused by the venue double booking our room and we had to go to Catherine's house instead - thanks again Catherine. I only have a 8x8 scrap book though, so I've created two pages instead of one.
The first one is of Maggie and I at Chester Zoo this year. I found it really hard finding photos which I thought would match the papers; it's much easier the other way around. I'm not convinced at all that I succeeded but at least the photo and memories are filed now regardless.
Maggie chose the sentiment and it was indeed a lovely sunny day.

The second one took me a while to select photos but I went for the Ventura ones as they were handy in a computer folder. On hindsight I've printed them too small but I did want several on the page and since it's 8x8, it was had to think about how big to have them. The words were cut out on my Cricut after a couple of tries as I hadn't put the settings correctly for the card. They are alot clearer in 'real life'. The layout overwhelms the photos but since time and resources demanded, this is what I ended up with.
The gorgeous scrolled and balloon paper was created by us in the class with this groovy machine which Helen gives clear information about on her page Technique University. Helen also tells you about the other projects we managed to do that night.The ribbon is a Stampin' Up! one and very nice it is too- good quality.


  1. Love what you've done with the bright kit. I promise to go a little more subtle next time

  2. Helen- please don't get me wrong - I loved the colours; I just couldn't find any photos quickly to hand to do the colours proud- my laziness really :-) You just keep doing what you do - see you tonight


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