Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Big picture class


Wow! Two entries in one day?!! No wonder I've got a tonne and a half of ironing still to do.
I'm not really sure why I'm posting this as I'm not proud of it in some respects but in other ways I'm glad I'm pushing my boundaries as I'm constantly trying new stuff to stretch my limited ability and creative juices. I've entered myself as such in a 'Big Picture' class called 'Big Idea festival'. It's free and basically they provide a word a day to inspire a scrap page or card or whatever project you like really. A designer a day shows their page and then you create something and upload it to that day's gallery for the chance of winning a prize. Yesterday's word was 'share' and I chose to write about my experience that day with my friend Melanie in her back garden discussing Florida amongst other fun stuff. Amy Tan was the designer and she used water colours in her design, so I have recently found a 'colour studio' set of Maggie's in the garage, from years ago, so I used those water colours. They provide a basic layout and you interpret that as suggested by the designer or do your own thing with the word.

The writing on the right looks like a 6 year old did it and my handwriting is always messy but design is definitely not my strong point but I did it, which is the major positive to be drawn out of this. Everyone can complain about results but actually sitting down and doing things is way better than just sitting there saying you can't do things. It's now part of whatever I end up creating with these pages. There is a kit you can get to go with the class but I didn't book on time and it was coming from America so with custom charges and time etc I didn't bother. I was meant to have cut the page down to 6x6 to fit into a mini album but I forgot, so who knows what I'll do with them in the end.
Click here if you fancy a go at this Big idea festival

Take care out there

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