Monday, 18 July 2011

Doncaster Summer Crafting workshop

I'm going to try to be positive and cheery in this post but it's pig miserable weather -wise; constant rain for the last two days and it's July!! This weather in November is one thing but not in July, come on!! Oops, slipped from my positive persona there - didn't take long did it?! :-)
Anyway, enough mutterings about the weather. I had a brilliant day on Friday July 15th at the Doncaster craft workshop. There were eight projects prepared apparently but we only made four, which is little wonder really with over 200 people making the same things at the same time. The women there were all friendly and I sat at a table at the edge of the group, so movement felt alot freer despite there being 10 people at each table. Chrissie, Geraldine, Sally, Judy and ....drat.. a lady from above Glasgow whose name escapes me at the minute and two other elderly ladies and two women from Portugal who are trying to get scrapbooking popular over there. People had travelled from all over the place to do one thing, so we all had a common interest. Nancy Watt and Stephanie Weightman led the workshops and were a great laugh.
The first card we made was the concertina flower one which is my favourite although mine didn't quite work the way it will when I make it again but I still like it. I've practised making those flowers recently, so I was pleased to see it in a project. All the papers were from a huge K&Co too pack, which I had almost bought last week in Hobbycraft, so I'm so glad I hadn't as they were £35.99 there. I bought the Mind's eye 'totally girl' pack instead which took me a very long time to choice as it was. I probably paid over the odds for it but hey ho it was there! :-) Before I go on anymore, here's the card to speak for itself.
I made all the boxes yesterday during some Chris and Maggie free time.
The next one was the book card which was pretty easy other than tying the bow and working out how the feathers and bow were to be placed on. That might sound like I'm dafter than you thought but we were all the same, as we were too busy having a laugh and chatting, to be focussing as well as necessary on instructions. I love the swirly patterns they gave us to work with.
We then went on to make the windmill gift card, where we first used the button maker which is a great gadget to get buttons to match your project. You can make proper buttons too with material, so I'm really pleased that was in our goody bag. I love the windmill look. I made the tag in mine so that you could put cash in the middle of it but truth be told, I must've put too much glue around the edges, so it'll be a tight fit and whoever is given it, will have to fight for the money, which is a smiley thought really.

The last one was the flowery flip easel card. I was pleased about this but I would've rather made our own flowers but don't suppose there was enough time and the die-cut flowers are a MyCraftStudio product, so they weren't going to do that. I think the flower on the inside is a bit daft; I think Chrissie suggested that it would've made more sense to put the Friends sentiment tag inside but I've just made that internal flower less 3D. The stamen was made with the Tonic snowflake punch they gave us; I would've rather had that more 3D but didn't have the time to faff enough to make that happen.

They supplied all the materials and tools to make these cards plus more and two Making Cards magazine and lunch, so I thought it was good value. The racecourse is a great venue as lovely views on a sunny day and the roadsigns make it easier to find.

Take care out there

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