Friday, 15 July 2011

Another 3D flower, more lilac and a yet another new technique for me

Hello there

This card is a variation on one I've shown on my blog before. Previously I just made a standard card but this time I've made a tea light card. I looked at several video tutorials and I'd seen it done on t.v. I needed it a specific size to fit the large flower on and after a few trial attempts, I am very happy with the way it turned out. Whilst I think about it, the flower on the envelope was made by embossing the design from one of my Crafter's Companion embossing boards and not from a cricut cartridge! Silly me had forgotten how I had made it so went trawling through all my cartridges trying to find the right flower - if only I'd looked at my first envelope properly to see the embossing, I would've known straight away.
The main measurements to make note of are the following:
On both the longest edges crease both a 1cm and a 3cm line all the way.
Turn your card to lay horizontally and crease 1cm away from the left edge, then 3cm, 7cm and 9cm. The rest of your chosen width will be divided into two with a crease line half way along from top to bottom. On the wrong side of the card, pencil mark the acetate window space by drawing a 1cm line away from the side of the space between the 3cm and 7cm crease lines- then cut that window out. On the wrong side of the card also lightly pencil mark a line from top to the bottom at 13 cm - this is where the box section will align to and be glued down when it is folded into place.

Score all the fold lines. Cut along the longest horizontal edge score line from the right hand side to the 9cm vertical score line on both the top and the bottom 3cm fold line.
On the wrong side of the card glue your acetate over the gap cut already between the 3cm and 7cm vertical lines.
On the 3cm fold line along the longest edge of top and bottom cut up to the 1cm vertical fold line (hopefully the picture will help explain that better). At the 1cm, 3cm, 7cm and 9cm crease lines cut a slight v-shape inwards from the longest edge - this will allow the flaps to fold away more neatly.
Fold the 1cm vertical line over and consequently bring the box over with it to the 13cm light pencil mark and glue it. That's it! Go for  your life and decorate as you like now.

Phew, those instructions were hard - it's much clearer to watch a video tutorial but these notes will help me remember exactly how I did it and they make sense to me - well, they do now; goodness only knows if I'll know what I mean in a year's time!
The person I've made it for loves making crafty things, so I put some little things in the box for her instead of tea light candles as I don't know if she would use those. I hope that she likes this.

Take care out there

p.s incase you're wondering why I've put Edwin Allen (one of my local craft shops) as a label for this post; it's because that's where I bought the gorgeous ribbons from to make that flower. 

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