Sunday, 20 February 2011

my latest card

Since I'm trying to just photograph cards as I make them, then here goes as this photo shows the card I just finished yesterday. I don't know who it's for yet but it's intended for one of Maggie's friends, so whenever she tells me, the night before inevitably, that one of her friend's has a birthday, then I don't need to panic. All I have to do is reach into my 'bag of wonders' and pull out a lovely suitable card! Ta dah! It's not very personalised but I highly doubt the girls would appreciate much more effort anyway.

This card was made using my Forever Young cartridge. I started it off as I particularly wanted to practise the decorative frame shape and the card just developed from there. It's rather basic in design but I was really chuffed with the way the layers were cut out and how I've used the same 'colour ways' as I hear them mention on t.v and youtube so often.
The envelope made also used my Crafter's Companion Ultimate Pro and it's made from a pearlescent paper of the same colour as the main card. I used the U.P to ensure the gatefold lines were exactly right as well.

1 comment:

  1. I won't use that blue background for the font again as it really doesn't go well with the brown background I've got displayed at the moment.


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