Sunday, 20 February 2011

Stitching and Creative Crafts show, Manchester

On February 3rd mum and I went to the Creative Crafts show in Manchester Central which is what they're now calling the G-Mex centre. I had a brilliant time and the cards shown were created during the 'Fancy folds' workshop I attended there, which was run by Nancy Watts, whom I have alot of respect for. The designs were taken from her Fabulous Fifties cd rom, which I have since ordered from Create and Craft as I love the look and that polka dot paper is gorgeous but it has yet to arrive much to my dismay; I must remember to ask them where it is this week. I went on the train and met some lovely ladies going to the show as well and I caught the same train back as them, so we had a great natter. Mum bought a nice skirt there and I finally got a red coat I've been wanting, with help from the Christmas money mum gave me.
I've only shown the envelope for the last card as the other's were only white ones, which I didn't decorate either.
I've got so many cards that I have either on the computer photographed or here in a bag 'ready to go' which I'd love to share  but there's only so much time in the day, so I think I'll have to be strong and try to remember to photograph them as I finish them from now on and then share them on here.

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