Sunday, 27 February 2011

Naughty but fun

What a good weekend craft wise as the weather certainly hasn't been helpful to a positive mood at all. We were meant to go on a walk somewhere today but the day started miserable as sin and raining, so we decided to just go for hard drive shopping and Asda shopping which Maggie avoided like the plague. I'm quite glad we didn't go in some respects as yesterday Chris and I went on a breezy walk to the house and we certainly got red cheeks as a result. Anyway, I'm meant to be telling you about the card I've made. It's for Graham's 50th birthday. The main images are taken from my new 'you're never too old' cdrom from Card Creations Plus. I got the cd in the Manchester Stitches and creative crafts show (for a brilliant price) in February and I knew straight away who I intended to send the first creation to. Graham has got a good sense of humour so I can only hope it makes him giggle. He does all the cooking when him and Viki have a barbecue (Viki does all the prep work and organises everything else, which needs to be said incase she reads this and I get into trouble for not stating her important role in their barbecues :-) ).

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