Sunday, 9 February 2014

Where was I?


I intend on making this a very quick post; actually very quick, as 'him indoors' just got back home from taking his son back to uni in Sheffield!! :-( 

I've also just realised that I need to take the dogs out for their second walk, as the weather looks like rain is imminent and I may have to walk the dogs in the rain sometimes but it is far from my favourite activity.

Right, so hold that thought and come back later when I might just get round to doing a proper blog post and catch up on what's going on in this 'ere life of mine.

On that note, I'll leave you with this sobering photo, which is a small portion of the result of 'him indoors' going to Sri Lanka for two weeks and returning home late on Friday night:

It's on the landing and likely to stay there for a while, as there's only so much space to dry stuff inside, due to the wet weather and there's still uniforms and basic stuff which has higher priority.

That pile prompted me to find this on t'internet and pin it. Me? Saddo? Surely not, just looking for practical solutions but at almost £100, it'll probably have to stay as an idea.

Practical stuff on my Pinterest page

Come back later, the next post couldn't possibly be more boring than this one :-) But hey, busy lives do go on outside of Blogger.

Take care out there doing your washing :-)

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