Sunday, 23 February 2014

Well what do you know? A finished project!!

Hello there

Lately I seem to be starting projects alot but not actually finishing any. At my fortnightly patchwork class, I make lots of different blocks to practise various techniques but I've yet to make anything with them. The latest two blocks I've done/started are the Dresden plate:

and the bias tape Celtic knot, which is currently waiting for me to start hand sewing it in place - guess what I'll be spending all my time doing whilst I sit in the waiting room during my daughter's piano lessons on Thursdays?!

This past week I did manage to make piles of pom poms with my new pom pom makers whilst I was travelling and down in Kent for four days. I got the yarn at a reduced price at a local store and it's Stylecraft life 4ply, so lovely soft yarn in aqua and cardinal. They're so easy and satisfying to make.
The cat wasn't sure what to
make of it

The one thing I have finished yesterday though is a cushion cover using the love heart cottage cutwork design applique from Mandy Shaw's 'Stitch at Home' book.

 I've only just realised that I was so slack with blog posts at the end of last year, that I didn't show you my Noel cushion cover from Mandy Shaw's kit - here's a few photos:
The quilting I did was barely visible 

You have to love ric rac 

The red colour is much brighter/deeper than this photo
 The reindeer wreath is hand embroidered - yet more time
spent sewing during my daughter's piano lessons.

I'm purely showing you this to help give you the full story of my completed project.
After making that, it left me with a cushion base and no cover after Christmas. I had some of the linen fabric left from the kit, so I bought some gorgeous red polka dot fabric for some backing and used some red polka dot felt I had and made the love heart cottage  and stitched it onto the linen - you'll never guess where that hand sewing happened! I loved the Noel kit but I still don't like the instructions she gives for her 'novel' way of applying zips but hey, it's still a lovely cushion cover after I messed about with the zip layout.

KNEW I should've put that toggle trim on! The
edges look quite bare now but it will normally live on
a black sofa, so it'll show up better

The little flower buttons and the free motion quilting,
were an inspired last minute addition I think

Take care out there

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  1. Crikey!!!! How did I miss this post? So sorry sweetie! A Christmas cushion???? Its just gorgeous and looking at the ones in M&S in December your looks far it! As for the Celtic Knot...they look stunning when they are done but so much hand sewing. Beautiful pattern though. Now my cats are not interested in pom-poms either. You would think that they would love to toss something so light & fluffy! HUGS xxx


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