Friday, 24 January 2014

Yerrrrr mamma!


Hello there


Please welcome the star of the show – (cue music and loud applause!)


Before you, you miraculously see my very first Grandma’s flower block.


Yer, you can clap again now!





As you can gather by now (I know, I can be rather too subtle sometimes!) I’m rather happy about this little girl. I have been trying so many different ways of cutting and sewing hexagons this year and they are one of my main techniques I want to focus on this year. Hexagons and dresden plates to be exact.


I have to thank, as I watched her youtube video and it worked. End of.


I have to run now and eat dinner but I will eat with a smile on my face.


Take care out there whilst I try to eat whilst smiling with my mouth closed, as I do have manners, don’t you know! Smile 


  1. Looking good sweetie, you must be chuffed to bits. Lol all this reminds me of some fond memories of Karen doing this kind of patchwork when I was a little girl - I was fascinated by all the hexagon cardboard shapes she used to use and remember marveling at her patience while hand-stitching it all together.
    Huge hugs x x x

    1. Karen is clearly alot more patient than I am. English paper piecing is not an option for me. Although after saying that, it's taken alot of patience for me to troll through all the videos and tutorials on ways to deal with hexagons. I'm just so glad I found the right way for me, so early on in the year xx

  2. YES!!!!!! I am clapping...I am clapping!!!!! What a star!!!! you must be sooo pleased to have done this my lovely!!! xxx

    1. I KNEW I could rely on you. I'm pleased and bloomin relieved to be honest :-) I'm now in the middle of fussy cutting out hexagons for a baby quilt. Fingers crossed this method keeps working for me xxx


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