Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Should I or shouldn't I?

Hello there

Well I did wonder whether or not to actually write this post, then I thought, 'pride be gone'! One of the things on my 'to-do list' this year is sewing hexagons. After thinking about it for ages at the end of last year and watching videos and reading tutorials online, last night I finally took the plunge to actually sew something.

I used a template I got from 'material girl quilts' although I did also try one I found on ladyharvatine's blog. I really could do with one of those cutting mats which turns round, as cutting out hexagons with a rotary cutter on the floor, is a bit like playing Twister, when you have a stagnant mat.

I then proceeded to mark some 1/4in points, which help me to know where to stop and start sewing at the different intervals. You can't just sew along hexagons for fairly obvious reasons. For that exact reason, you would not believe the resources out there for sewing these babies; tools, hints, tips, accessories and patterns - it's a minefield.

Each stitch line between each hexagon has to start 1/4in down and I had to stop sewing 1/4in from the bottom. That's alot of marking and then I found that my 1/4in foot on the machine, isn't alot of use as I couldn't see the marks! Duh! Not alot I can do about that at the minute but I am considering a method I saw to help with that, which involves putting tape all over my machine to show me where to stop stitching - heck of a lot of faff it has to be said.

The two rows of hexagons is where I reached last night and then I had to stop, as I'd been up and working since 5, so was very tired.

Today, inbetween doing allsorts of other stuff, I actually managed to sew those two rows together. Are you ready to be amazed?

If so, I recommend you go elsewhere for your kicks, as this bit of sewing is not amazing. 

It might not be amazing but I'm dead chuffed that I've managed it at all. I had to undo a couple of bits I did to start with but then got into the swing of things. I know that the thing I need to work on, is the 1/4in seams, so that's achievable. I have a couple of ideas in my head and one involves freezer paper, which I'm hoping will arrive tomorrow.

Come back again soon to see if I can amaze you then, as I failed you today :-)

Take care out there.


  1. Awe Di, what a fab post sweetie, this is what its all about honey, sharing the experiments with gusto. I have nothing but admiration for anyone brave enough to tackle a sewing machine let alone someone who is brave enough to tackle hexagonal patchwork. I bet you the next try will be nigh on perfect, you go girl.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  2. GOSH!!!!! I bow to your ability to even WANT to stitch these with a machine my lovely!!!! I can imagine how difficult they would be. I have always stitched hexagons by hand! But I know what you are like and so am confident that soon you will be showing us a beautiful hexagon quilt!!!! xxx


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