Sunday, 9 February 2014

Is now the time?

Hello there

I think I'm safe to start this blog post. Fingers crossed but I will make it quick, just incase!

I haven't had time lately to do any posts, as I'm a busy beaver right now. I have been sewing like a thing possessed but also plotting and scheming and basically I'm not convinced this blog has a long life expectancy anymore because of what I've been up to. 

I'm working on a baby quilt:

It's almost taking over my life, as I'm so brand new to hexagon sewing but boy I haven't made life easy on myself, starting with such an ambitious project. I even had to fussy cut alot of the hexagons and I have to try to make sure they're facing the right way up, when sewing them together. It's a huge learning curve for me but the quilter's quarter is now my new best friend and the Clover water erasable pen is my enemy! The Clover pen is a nightmare to use, as I have to press fairly hard and then risk moving the fabric to draw the seam lines and I have to go over it several times, which takes up alot of time when there's that many seams to do. I've used a fine HB pencil instead. Thankfully the lovely lady for who's baby this is for, is very patient and knows it's a learning process for me, so isn't pushing me to get it finished pronto.


Had to have a dinner break there. A little computer blip and some more hexies cut and starting to mark the crosspoints, I'm back.

I've also got a handbag, felt house sets, two placemat and coaster sets and some portable coaster sets to make before March 22nd, when I'm doing a craft fair and try to live my life inbetween. Could be interesting. Oh, and a little pillow dress for The Sewing Sanctuary's efforts to help the 'Dress a girl in Africa' campaign.

Another huge thing and I mean huge for me is being on the brink of leasing out premises for a sewing studio. I don't have enough time to go through it all now but it'll start off as being a place for people to use as a larger sewing space than they have at home, with most of the tools available and advice on hand to help them achieve whatever sewing projects they want to complete. That's the very bare bones of the idea.

It's in a gorgeous location within a pretty little town in Cheshire, above a lovely deli run by Nancy, who, unbelievably or not, loves patchwork!

It's a complete blank canvas for me to transform into a cosy, crafty space I and lots of others hopefully, enjoy being in and doing our hobby.

I haven't signed on the dotted line yet, as 'him indoors' has been away for two weeks in Sri Lanka, so I had to discuss it with him. He's supporting my idea and will help me get some legal advice. 

For this reason, I will need a new blog focussed on what is required for the studio. I'll still be little old me but I don't think 'Diane's mutterings' is quite the feel I want to be taken seriously. I'm also struggling to get people to comment on here, other than dear Dawn and Karen, so I need to try a different avenue and engage people more with what I say. It's tough though, as there are so many blogs out there but if I link it to the studio, then my intention will be to make it relevant to the customers there. It'll be an 'add-on' to whichever website I get.

I'll let you all know what eventuates, if any. 

I need to be brave and follow my dreams. 

Take care out there and wish me luck! 

p.s "'“Don't be afraid of being scared. To be afraid is a sign of common sense. Only complete idiots are not afraid of anything.” '"― Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥nThe Angel's Game


  1. WOW! that babyquilt is going to be beautiful when its finished sweetheart! Have sent you an email, HUGS xxx

  2. Ooh err missus!! What a busy bee you have been, that quilt looks amazing, fab patterns and colours my lovely. All the best with your studio idea, it looks like a beautiful calm and light space to play in.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  3. Well I would come - it looks fab and is a great idea !


Go on, you know you want to comment! Have you tried anything like this? Do you want a few more snippets of information about this project to help you do something similiar? Has it inspired you or given you ideas to do it differently?

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