Thursday, 28 November 2013

I am still around

Hello there

No, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth; although you may not notice as I do seem to spend one heck of alot of time in my room at the moment. I've been busy sewing like a mad thing for the orders I have for 'A Place to Set' and for the Christmas fair I'm doing this Saturday. I may even manage to not mutter on for ages in this post but don't hold your breath.

That's one of the sets of portable coasters I've made for the fair. I love the effect the metallic thread has on them; I think it makes them look quite professional. They'll be great for a New Year's eve party.

Here's another set I've made for an order.

I'm so happy with the buttons I found
to use on this set

I'm in the middle of sewing up four other Christmas sets but you've seen them before.

I've also completed two Christmas themed placemat and coaster sets but I'll not spoil you today and I'll post about them tomorrow.

Me? Cruel? Surely not!?

Take care out there

p.s. See! Totally mutter free zone; I can do it! :-)


  1. Awe these are gorgeous Diane, sooooooo neat too. Ha ha ha I love your 'mutterings' sweetie, always make me chuckle you know.
    Huge huggles x x x x

  2. I am so pleased that you are getting orders for these sweetheart as they are really lovely and such a brilliant idea!!! Love the ones with the words on them!!! mutter mutter xxx

  3. Stunning coasters. I hope you have a terrific weekend xx


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