Saturday, 16 November 2013

Computers are a pain

Hello there

'Headquarters this I'm saying the words into the iPad and it's typing for me'! I should probably explain that that sentence was typed by the iPad. Not bad going really, being as what I really said into the microphone button on the keyboard was "how cool is this? I'm saying the words into the iPad and it's typing for me". It did the post title for me too! I remember seeing about computers of the future on 'Tomorrow's World' over 30 years ago but never thought you'd be able to do that on a portable device for goodness sake! But I'm having to use the iPad as my computer is in trouble again, so  not everything is good about technology. So I'm using The Blogger app which I never find to be half as easy to use as the computer version.

This week I've also had to get used to varifocal glasses , Chris has been away for most of this week (as he was last week) and I'm feeling very behind with orders for 'A Place to Set' and the craft fair on November 30th AnD my mum reminded me yesterday, that it's my step dad's birthday tomorrow!!! I was in the middle of doing the card for that when I had a break in proceedings to wait for glue to dry, so thought i'd do a blog post as therapy.Basically I'm telling you that I'm a bit stressed at the minute but hey, it's the Season of stress = Christmas - bah humbug! 

Did any of you see the Children in Need show last night too? I did and realised why I normally don't watch it, although I do donate; it's just such an emotional thing to watch, especially when you're feeling 'off' anyway. Some families have a ton of very difficult things to cope with, so it does help put my own little concerns into perspective for me.

That photo is of some bunting I've  finished today, as the ribbon arrived. I do have to confess to loving that ribbon. It's grosgrain which is a weakness of mine; the colour is fab and the width is perfect and the design is exactly what I wanted. I trolled t'internet the other day for what felt like hours but was only about 1, sourcing a few things I need for current projects and this ribbon was about the only thing I found to suit. It's going to go around my craft fair stall and at the rate I'm going it'll have to go on sale too,  as I won't have much else! 

Me? Exaggerate? A stressy knickers? .....  Surely not?! 

Anyway, I'm off now to get this 'ere card done.

Take care out there and don't do as I do,do as I say and don't stress! 


  1. Awe honey, don't stress! If its not done its not done! I am sure that there is plenty of other lovely goodies on your stand!

    You know when you look down your blog to see who has blogged? I have just done that and saw your pic and instantly thought...'hello, Dianes got your bikini out' hahahahaha!!!!! I really don't know why I would glance at bunting and think bikini ;-D

    Oh and your ipad obviously isn't good on accents hahahahaha!!!!!! HUGS xxx

    1. Me? In a bikini?! You're havin' a giraffe! That's Cockney rhyming slang for 'are you having a laugh' for all those people who are overseas :-)

    2. I've got my computer back now after hours of faffing around with the stupid thing. I've removed the smilies and back to working with blogger on the computer, which is a millions times better.
      I've also now been able to put the photo in of the bunting displayed up on the wall, so that nobody else thinks that I'm up to no good, although I do like the idea of doing something naughty, if truth be told!


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