Friday, 29 November 2013

Mad panic

Hello there

.....Oops! Only just realised that I never published this, so you're getting this post today instead of the one I promised you yesterday. If you didn't read yesterday's, then you're not disappointed :-)


Last weekend I was given a short sharp awakening; I was told that it was my step-dad's birthday on November 17th. I know this of course but I had forgotten and therefore hadn't made a card at all. Having two days in which to think of a design and actually make a card, isn't normally enough time for me, what with the rest of life still going on as busy as ever. But was I beaten?! Oh no, not this little madam!

He loves all sorts of sports and car racing is one of them. With that knowledge, years ago, I bought a decoupage set of black and white images of male related stuff. This set has proved valuable many times and although I don't particularly like it, it certainly does the job for male cards, who, let's face it, really aren't that bothered by them. After saying that, they would get upset if they didn't get one. 

George appreciated the design but I think he preferred the duck meal which Chris made for him on Sunday. Truth be told, I rather liked the meal more too :-)

I went to town decorating the envelope too

There were two more cars on the same sheet, so I decided to go for it and make them into cards too. My dad's birthday is on December 4th and he loves cars too.

I got the chequered flags and background from some images online, as my computer was dead for most of the weekend (grrrrr, don't remind me!) I had to use my daughter's; much to her disgust.

Take care out there

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  1. Crikey, I always find these cards so hard!!!! I too have a step-dad and tend to do a 'car' card as he was a racing driver in another life. You certainly nailed this one my lovely xxx


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