Monday, 8 July 2013

Prep work

Hello there

Just a quickie to let you know of some of the things I'm up to in the crafty part of my life.

The not so exciting bit looks like this:
I'm preparing boxes ready to hold some things I'm making
for my very first craft fair in September.

The sneaky peek looks like this:

Some of the boxes will be decorated like this

and the plain bizarre looks like this at the minute:

A project for the first birthday of
my workplace

You should also have noticed that I've been redecorating other than the utility room! Come on, look around properly at what you're looking at! That's right; I've revamped my blog theme. Hope that you like it, as I do, although I'd prefer it if the header section was wider but I'll survive :-)

Take care out there

1 comment:

  1. oooo liking the new look darling!!!!! Your boxes are intriguing, can't wait to see them all decorated now :D I am not doing a craft fair till November but am starting to panic already hahaha xxx


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