Saturday, 13 July 2013

I'll miss my baby

Hello there

My real baby; Maggie (i.e not my sewing machine which is my second baby :-) ) is going to Vienna for five nights at 3a.m tomorrow morning. I'm chuffed to bits that she's able to go but I'm also going to miss her and worry about whether she's enjoying herself or not. I've got a busy week ahead though, so I'll be too preoccupied to worry too much hopefully.

I have made her a strap for her case, so that it's easy to pick out on the conveyor belt. 

I had a few adventures sewing this as the first time I did it, the design was too small and the needle broke twice. All I had to do was call the Husqvarna Viking helpline and Hayley suggested that I use one of the two nets supplied with the machine, to help stop the upper thread getting tangled on the spool. It worked a treat!

Thankfully I had also been shopping on Thursday and bought more needles. It made me smile as the smallest pack you can buy has 5 needles in it and then the next size up has 100! 

Working through it, I got practise as how to make the design stitch out for me. It's all about manipulating the design on the screen to make it be stitched in the hoop where you want it. I really need practise on using multi-hoops, as I did one word at a time with one section but I didn't line them up correctly as you can probably tell.

The slight puckering you can see in the above photo was caused when I ironed the interfacing on; I think I had the iron on too hot when applying it to the back of the fabric before sewing. It really is essential to have it on the back every time you embroider.

Anyway, I have to dash as I'm expecting my friend and her husband for dinner any minute now. The sun is still beating down, so hopefully we'll have a good night and then a 2.30a.m alarm call to take Maggie.

Maggie's all ready for a fun time
Take care out there and have fun in the sun if you can

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  1. Awe, I know how you feel, I used to feel like that when mine went on school trips! She will be back soon! Wooo...well done on the embroidered words. You are certainly exploring your other baby :D xxx


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