Sunday, 31 March 2013

Some you win...

.... and some are just plain scary!

Hello there
Just a quick post to wish you a belated Happy Easter, although there's still tomorrow to go for most of you but I'm back at work.

 I thought I'd share my daughter and my Easter activity of making chick like cake pops. As you may know from a recent post of mine, we've only done one batch of these previously, so we're still very much in the learning stage. Unfortunately the one thing I've learnt is that Wilton's candy melts are not very user friendly. We tried to melt them with the double pan method but not successfully at all. The mixture went smooth but nowhere near runny enough to coat a cake pop. We struggled to coat each pop and then use a knife dipped in boiling water to try to smooth it round the pop but that still left it very uneven and ugly looking. Some pops broke apart. We both got very frustrated and my daughter suggested dumping that idea and using the white chocolate we had left from the last batch and then all went smoothly. We put the 'feet' on when the chocolate had hardened a bit and was just a bit tacky. I did the eyes with a cake decorating pen and the beak was made from some sprinkles we had. They're not the right colour really but they're alot better than these critters:
Chicks made with Wilton's candy melts :-(

They're the stuff of nightmares if you ask me, although Chris said that you could think of them as being more realistic, as the lumpy bits could be thought of as the little downy feathers - I'm not convinced.

I'm glad that we got to salvage the situation - Maggie is so good at helping us to do that alot of the time. We've also had a lovely day with my mum and step-dad in the winter sunshine out and about, so I'm left feeling pleased with this Easter weekend. I hope you are too and if not; there's always tomorrow.

Take care out there
p.s I've seen a youtube video today about microwaving the pops, so we'll do that next time :-)

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  1. THey look so funny! It's the having fun creating them that matters and the joy of eating them. If they look strange who cares!

    Happy Easter!

    C xxx


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