Friday, 8 March 2013

Today's mum is...


Hello there

Yes, today's card was made for Chris's mum. Betty. I think I like it when Chris wants me to make cards for his mum but then I'm not sure if it just saves him having to go and buy one. I'm just an old cynic but that's what happens when you live with Chris. Anyway, I get enjoyment from it, so what the heck?! :-)

I do have to thank Annette for her inspiration. I was surprised actually at how few card projects I found which used the Graphic 45 Secret Garden pack but it is very new, so I shouldn't be that surprised. I bought this recently for, would you believe, completely none selfish reasons. I'm not a fan of green at all but I've never bought a Graphic 45 pad before and I've been so so tempted. I bought this for people like one of my sisters, my mum and Betty as they're all crazy ladies who enjoy gardening. I did some gardening this week, which involved mowing the front lawn for the first time in about 6 months and re-planting the dahlias I had last year and some dead leaf tidying up. I do the basic bits but I don't have a clue really but I do love it when I can see my crocuses and tulips coming out in their tubs in the front garden for example. When plants work, they're great but I'm not a gardener; especially not in our awful climate.

I digress... how unusual! :-)
Glossy accents in spaces in the elements, adds
a little something to the feel of the card
My card isn't an exact replica of Annette's of course as I don't have or particularly want some of the things she used. The shaped card caused me the most grief, as the super attentive of you will notice that my cutting is far from perfect on the background layers. I perhaps should've found that shape on one of my Cricut cartridges but I'm having to do too much with the computer at the moment, after it's complete re-start, as almost everything I go to do on it, involves re-installing software or getting it updated, which drives me to drink!

Rant done.

When I'd taken the photo of the card, I had the idea to add beads onto the butterfly. I could colour it with doodles but I think there's enough pattern on the card; hence the plain colour of the butterfly with just the different colour in the background to help it stand out.
I printed the sentiment on Safmat, so that I could place it on the lines of that element.

Finishing touches to the envelope and job's a good 'un!

Take care out there

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  1. ooo well done you for working with green and not your favourite types of patterns :D I guess we all have to at some point don't we haha!

    You have done a superb job to this and I hope that Chris asking you means that he is very proud of you sweetie, xxx


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