Thursday, 7 March 2013

My life would be so much better if I could live like men and teenagers

Hello there
The title of this post is what I put as my status on Facebook today, as I was feeling like I've been doing far too much cleaning and other duties this week and basically no crafting, which is not good at all. Men and teenagers seem oblivious to dirt, which must be a nice place to be. I've only managed to do the box for my Mother's day present today, so I still don't feel much better. I've got Chris's 16 year old daughter staying here for a few weeks at the moment and she uses the spare room which is my craft room, so night time crafting is difficult when she's around.

Anyway, I won't bore you any further with my whinges, much as I want to ;-)

My daughter is raising money for an initiative at school as part of her citizenship class; a group of them are raising money for Warrington cancer care at the hospital with bake sales. They raised £7 today and they're doing it again tomorrow and then a raffle on Monday. To support her with this, I thought we'd make our own thing rather than buying them. It's nice time together, although I was warned before we started to not start shouting, which tells you a lot about me and my lack of cooking skills and patience probably. With no shouting and quite quickly we made these chunky chocolate cookies, of which we were both happy with.

It's not the crafting I had in mind but family has to take priority, sometimes :-)

Take care out there and spend good, simple times with your family if you can

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  1. hahahahaha your title did make me laugh!!! Oh to be a student again, what a wonderful thought eh!

    Well done on keeping your cool while cooking my lovely. The bikkies look very yum! Hope they got a lot for them xx


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