Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Get on with it

Hello there

This week I got a brayer and today I had to have a play, so guess what? I did! 
I checked out a couple of videos on youtube and after watching a 5 year old one from Nathalie Kalbach, I decided on the 'ray' effect technique, as it's quick and easy basically. I got my 'big and juicy' stamp pad out and hey ho, off I went. No more messing, I started cutting away at it and worked on a scrapbook layout to use those first pieces. I really like the idea of that, as I'm just rolling with the creative flow, so to speak and not wasting that energy.       ..........Although in this cold weather (loads of falling snow again today) it's little wonder I have any energy at all but don't let me get started on how much I hate winter or I could be here  a while :-)  ...........

I quickly chose some photos out of my huge stack of already printed ones and that was that. I do have to mention my new SU trimmer though, which made cutting the mats for the photos an absolute dream. It's clear guard across the cutting area; the measurements, the straightness of the cut with ease are all just some of the features which I'm going to appreciate. 

Some ribbon, a title, some journalling and Bob's your uncle.... and you know the rest if you read my blog as often as you should do! :-) That's a bit of a lie though, as I need to add the date still but I'll do that when Chris gets back from badminton and reminds me exactly when it was, despite it not being very long ago at all.

I'm so glad I do tend to go through batches of printing photos, as with all the trouble I've had with my laptop, I will have lost all of them otherwise.

The layout's not fancy, pretty or clever but I do love it as I was able to use the result of my playing about and record memories at the same time. I'd like to use a better ink and paper mixture next time and add some shine to it and of course vary the colours. I'm sure there'll be much more playing with the brayer in the future.

Take care out there

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  1. oooo I love it Diane!!!!! Have a fantastic weekend sweetie xxx


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