Friday, 1 June 2012

Things are against me

Hello there

Seems like an age since I did a blog post or any crafting actually. It is far too long and I really miss it. The trouble, as such, is that I've just started training for a new job. Not only am I working 30 hours a week now, whereas before I wasn't working at all as such but also I'm working 6a.m to 2p.m. This means that my whole schedule has gone to pot and my body isn't sure what's going on. Waking before 5a.m has never been one of my favourite things to do. I prefer waking early for the day and allowing myself a smooth transition into my days. Now though, I just have to get up and get on with it and at that time of the morning, it's not easy.
Anyway, there's my excuses done ..... for now.... I forgot to mention that I'm also having to travel almost half an hour each way to get to and from work.....    ok, think that really is enough whingeing for now :-)

Now before some of you start worrying that I've completely forgotten how to craft and that glue runners really don't make for good embellishments, fear not; it's only there to help hold the sentiment down whilst the Pinflair glue dries :-)  I certainly hope it dries quickly today as it's almost 1p.m now and it's going in the post tonight!

This card doesn't take much explaining as it's very straightforward. I don't even know who made the aeroplane decoupage topper; I just have a set of male orientated toppers similiar to this one and since the recipient likes aeroplanes and trains, it was ideal. The card blank is just under 6x6. I decided to cut the Coredinations card slightly shorter than the blank, to bring some white into the card to link in with the white on the topper and therefore make it lighter. I cut the sentiment with the Wild Card Cricut cartridge - size 5inches. I put clear embossing on the linen effect grey card, to attempt to make it look slightly metal in texture. I had wanted to use my Metal Magic powders but I only have gold and copper, which just aren't the right colours for this card. I have put two other brads on the back of the card, so it seems correct, as they appear to hold down the blue paper, as it goes all the way around the card.

This isn't really the card I had wanted to make; I had wanted to do another steampunk card as I made here but the printing issues with the software still aren't resolved. I found this out of course by trying to print several times yesterday afternoon. That wasted alot of ink and time and made me all frustrated, so I had to stop and do this card today instead.

It's not a bad card at all; it's just not what I had wanted. No matter really though, as it's for Chris's ex brother-in-law, so highly doubt he'll be bothered at all.

Take care out there and I hope things are going your way


  1. Hi Diane
    I know the feeling! I've been go-go-go for the last couple of months but I've finally come out of the other end and have some time to myself! Working hard makes the time off even more worthwhile!
    I hope you find time to have a break soon!
    I love the aeroplane decoupage!
    Sue x

  2. Looks like a good male card hon. Well done for fitting it in. We must try and see each other really soon ... Hopefully at the dakota park open afternoon this weekend?

    1. Yes, I'll be there on Monday and hopefully we will catch up with each other on a bright happy friendly day - fingers crossed all goes smoothly.

  3. Looks like a good male card hon. Well done for fitting it in. We must try and see each other really soon ... Hopefully at the dakota park open afternoon this weekend?


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