Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Wanted

Hello there

When I asked my daughter about what I could use for inspiration for a birthday card for her friend, I was told that her favourite song at the moment is 'Chasing the sun' by The Wanted. That theme sounded good to me, so off I went a thinking. First of all I did a little hunting around of papers and decided to use a lovely flowery yellow and red paper from a very nice free set of papers from the latest cardmaking & Papercraft  magazine. I also routed around my Cricut and Card magazines for card ideas and thought of a couple of stamps which could be used.

The next step is to blend all the ideas together to make a rough design on plain paper. It took a little bit of playing around to get the concertinas right as I can never remember how wide to make the paper in order for them to work - I used 2cm this time.
Living life on the edge by doing free hand concertina-ing!
No score lines for this little lady :-)

From then on, it just rolls with the punches as such; making decisions dependant on variables such as how a Cricut cut went; could I find the design I liked and did it cut alright; was I left with any remnants which inspired me? I like the almost monochrome look of the yellow and red, as it's fresh, young and summery - perfect for a June birthday, although we've had it very cold and rainy for a couple of weeks now, so this card is about as summery as it gets here at the moment.

I made the mistake of trying some stencilling inside the card and it went wrong, so I had to cover the bottom mistake with a Cricut butterfly cut i.e Home Accents, butterfly one, shift, shadow; which is the shadow version of the same one I did for the front of the card. I put the The Wanted's name on a red card piece to cover the top mistake, so I think I got away with it. There was no way I was throwing the card, after all the messing around I had to do with the two layers of concertina.

I made the box with the same card and decorated it with some remnant bits of Cricut cutting I'd done.

Let's hope it's liked or appreciated at least.

Take care out there

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