Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee bunting

Hello there
I find myself in the middle of the Queen's Golden Anniversary and still no bunting of my own. I've bought two sets from Etsy to give as presents but still haven't got any of my own. So tonight, I set to putting that right. I got the retired white valance, the excess red material from the lounge curtains and some blue material left over from when I made the last lot of placemats. No cost at all suits me fine!
I created three template triangles of different sizes and off I went. The length I need is about 7/8 metres but I've no idea if I have enough; I'll just have to spread them out further apart.
A pile of 'not done yet'. I sewed with red thread
on the blue material

and then the 'yee hah" moment when you
have the 'done and ready to be joined
together' pile.

Then the realisation that I don't know what I'm going to use to join them together but I left the project there for the night, in the hope that some miracle cure would present itself whilst I slept, so I could tackle the project again in the fresh light of a new day.

I was mad to cut the triangles out on the floor
as it's back breaking
In the light of the morning, I decided to use long strips of the white valance material to connect the pennants together. I didn't want to sew them together and then turn it inside out, as that would be hideously boring, so I decided to just use my pinking shears along the edges. I tried to fold it over and do both edges at once but the fabric kept moving and I couldn't be bothered pinning them together. On this great British weekend of the Jubilee, I decided to use my British spirit and 'Keep calm and carry on regardless' i.e I let the fabric strip fall over the back of the chair and cut up from there, which made it easier to keep the fabric in place. Chris despairs of me I'm sure.

but then Nero couldn't resist seeing what on
earth I was up to
At first the dogs weren't bothered

It seemed like alot......
....but then when it came to trying to put it to the tree at the front of the house and then back to the house, it didn't really work as I don't have time to make the pennants double sided, so it looked odd from one side. We decided to do the much quicker option (considering the rain too) of just placing along all upstairs windows.
The thing to always remember is that there are invariably tonnes of reasons why something can't/shouldn't be done; as I didn't really have enough time to do them neatly or properly (not double sided) or much longer but then you don't do anything. Just get on and do and you fill your life (and others') with much more happiness. I hope things like this will help Maggie to remember the Jubilee with fondness.

Chris and I also worked as a team to make some fancy sausage rolls. He used the mincer for the first time and made the sausage meat with some of the locally bred pork.

It might've been an awful rainy day but we've had a busy full day of allsorts of things, so it feels good. We had a day out yesterday at the wonderful Lyme Park, so all in all, it's been a wonderful weekend so far. Fingers crossed tomorrow's events at the park just add to it even more.

Take care out there


  1. Looks fab hon.will make our way to the park along your road just to look at your homemade fab bunting!

  2. P.s. It was my time for mojo post you needed to look at! C xxx


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