Sunday, 4 March 2012

Seam binding is an amazing thing

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This post is all about a baby shower card. I've never been to one before so I had to do a bit of research about them although clearly I knew the basics. The baby won't have been born by the time this card is given, so I can't use any specific colours. Insider information told me that the nursery is going to be a yellow theme with jungle animals and giraffe being the favourite. The card won't necessarily go in the nursery but I tried to create it along those lines. I got the idea from the handbook in with the Paisley Cricut cartridge. Unfortunately I quickly realised that the size of the giraffe was incorrect in the instructions, so changed that; it states make it at 4" but infact it's 3". It's a tiny bit confusing at first when you cut out a load of little shapes in different colours but I just cut what I thought necessary (as I'd lost confidence in the instructions by this time) and went from there. It soon came together though once I'd decided on what colours and papers to use for the whole card.
I printed out the greeting and then cut the circle around it.

I needed green ribbon for the background and the only one I had was a glittery type one, which would not do at all. The weather is pig miserable here (written in the first week of January 2012) and I have to go out enough with the dogs and the nearest decent shop is in Frodsham which is about 30 minutes away and Hobbycraft is closer but there's a new road layout there and the resultant traffic on a Saturday wouldn't have been fun. You get my drift. So I was definitely not in the mood to go out and get some and I'm impatient; I couldn't wait until I ordered some. Then... brainwave! Proof it's not completely dead - seam binding. which I got a while ago and haven't used yet. I quickly opened MyCraftStudio and selected  a green band of colour and then put the glue runner down the printer paper and attached seam binding to it and printed. I even put the band of colour on the right side of the paper to where I'd attached the binding! Result! You can barely see the ribbon but I was so chuffed that I'd thought of it and it worked - everyone in the house was required to be as equally happy with this event but they're used to that. I have some blue sheer ribbon which I can use to attach the sentiment blossom.

Once I had glued all bits together and down, I didn't think it looked complete - it needed grass. I searched online for which cartridge had grass but couldn't find anything, then actually manually looked on the cartridges and would you believe it?! My old faithful; Plantin Schoolbook has a grass image on it, so problem solved.
I'm off to do the envelope now.

Take care out there
p.s the next day I looked at it again and had another proof of brain action, when I was considering how to display the petal sentiment. Ah ha! A branch would hold the sentiment and add good detail to the card as giraffes obviously eat leaves off trees. I chose the branch from Create a Critter cartridge on page 25. There is also one on my Winter Woodland cartridge but shock, horror, that's better suited to winter scenes as the leaves look like holly or the other one on there looks like a mistletoe branch.

Date of writing: January 9th 2012

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  1. What's cute card and the seam binding looks like it worked perfectly!


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