Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Liebster Award recipients

Hello there

As you may or may not know, I received a blog award this week - see my previous post about this here. I am meant to give the award to five other bloggers but those blogs can't have more than 200 followers. Yesterday I figured out two recipients for this award and they are:

Sally-Ann with her Crafty Bunch blog - - please do visit as Sally is very good and has recently been asked onto the Queen of my craftroom design team. Sally-Ann has some health issues yet she loves crafting and tries to do as much as possible and they're all very pretty from cards to painted house name plaques.

Yesterday via Sally-Ann's Facebook page (sorry again Sal for hijacking your post) I 'met' Donna Williamson who talked to me about the Tim Holtz new die-cutting machine Vagabond and some alphabet dies for it (or the Grand Calibur). I was so so tempted to buy it but total cost came to almost £200 with another die as well, so can't justify that at the moment. I went to her blog to have a look and she's got some gorgeous cards on there and is also on a design team; The Crafty bloggers network. Please do go and visit at The Smiley Crafter

I still have three to hand out, so watch this space or if you know of a blog that I might like and qualifies for the under 200 followers mark, let me know about it and I'll have a look.

Take care out there

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  1. Morning Diane,
    thank you so much for the award :)
    It's very kind of you and has made my day.
    Oh and I'm sorry to be such a bad influance ;)
    I shall up date my blog over the next few days as i have so much to add.
    Crafty hugs


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