Friday, 8 July 2011

Large 3D flowers and lilac colour - loverrly!

Hello there
I seem to be going through a fad of 3D flowers right now, so when I saw the card on page 16 of Making Cards, I had to make one, especially since the designer was Kathy Thomas from Edwin Allen here in Warrington. I went to one of Kathy's workshops last Christmas and really enjoyed it although the room is very cramped.  My phone is rubbish as a camera really but hey ho, it's quick and easy. I've done another version of this card but I can't show you that yet as it can't be revealed until after the date it's needed so I'll try to post it then schedule it for after the date I need it. Try to contain your excitement at the air of suspence I've created.
 I've done other stuff like fidding around practising colouring my own paper to make 3D flowers but there's nothing worth showing yet although the following photo shows that Rome wasn't built in a day!
I've made inroads into my mosaic step but well, this photo speaks louder than my words to show my 'progress'
Before you mock though you should try cracking tiles; it really hurts your thumb!
I've also lined my bedroom curtains lately but that really is not exciting in any way shape or form but it benefits me of course as it provides a darker room for me to wake up to. After saying that though, the amount of bright mornings we have are so few, I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.
Oh yes, I also had to make my daughter a quickie card during this week as I forgot to put money under her pillow when she lost a molar. The 'tooth fairy' gave her a card to apologise for not reaching her the night of the loss. A mother's role is open ended! The card was more of a pain than it was worth but then Maggie appreciated it, so there's all the worth wrapped up. She drew a little fairy inside it and 'posted' it under the door of my craft room with a thank you note; my daughter is pretty cool!

I have mixed success with printing on Centura Pearl- I think the word sorry looks more like soppy on this but I didn't have time to mess anymore, so had to leave it. Hopefully Maggie will remember the thought more than the detail. I got the topper and the backing paper from the My Craft Studio Wings and things cd rom.

Take care out there

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