Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas wishes

Hello there

I have neglected my blog lately as I've just been too busy making and doing what we all do at Christmas; work and party hard :-) I haven't partied hard but I have been out for a few Christmas do's which were fun.

The main aim of this post is just to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Christmas is great but it can be very difficult on families who can't afford all the trimmings or have time to make things. Also families who have illness or have lost a dear person to them. This time of year doesn't get rid of all those many issues but thankfully this year, everything is fine ( I pray that doesn't tempt fate) with us here, so I really am grateful for that. I even won the lottery this morning; £25 doesn't change my world but hey, a win is a win :-)

I've made loads of things including Christmas fabric gift bags and embroidered table cloths, glasses cases and Christmas tree decorations. Some I can't show as they were orders for Christmas presents or are presents. I'm in the middle of two cushion covers as well but there's not much chance of me finishing them before the big day.

The place-mat set in the fancy Google 'awesome' photo (it's magic the way it just does that; it seems to know what special effect to put on) was for an order I did. The images were printed onto special printable cotton from a Snowman and Snowdog cdrom. I first of all tried to use transfer paper but I didn't like the effect on that; it seemed to have a coating over it which I found unpleasant. Wendy Deverill (my patchwork class teacher) showed us a quilt she made for her daughter for her wedding and she had used it for several things, including a laptop! Her son-in-law works for Google and that photo was so apt for their 'story' together so far.
I thought these images were really fun for the person who wanted them, as she loves dogs and unusual items. I can guarantee that nobody else has place-mats like these, as the cdrom is brand new this year; infact I must remember to post photos of them onto the Crafter's Companion Facebook page as they are the company who created the cdroms.

I was so chuffed to find that background fabric and think of the idea of blanket stitching the images onto it. It then followed on that I blanket stitch around the edge of the place-mats too, instead of binding as I normally do. 

I used dark blue on the backing as some of the images are night ones and it's maybe just a practical point for place-mats and possibly young children! :-)

The coasters use the same fabric but most are undecorated other than two of them, where I decided to put monograms of the clients' names - I love it and the client seemed to as well, so job's a good 'un :-)

If I get a chance over the Christmas period, I might try to do a montage type doozy wotsit but don't hold your breath.

Take care out there and just do what you can - don't take on too much pressure of this time of year; just enjoy the people around you xx


  1. What a fab festive post sweetie. I love your makes and your doggy stocking is delightful, well deserved pooches by the looks of it too tee hee. Merry crimbo and new year to you too sweetie, hope you have a fab one x x x x

  2. Have your dogs been naughty or are they just being spaniels and looking guilty about nothing at all? hahaha!!!! They are so gorgeous!!! I love The Snowman and HAVE to watch it every year. I love what you have made here. Have a fabulous Christmas with your family my lovely xxx


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