Friday, 30 August 2013

Sweat shop

Hello there

I've been working like a thing possessed today to get some more of the portable coaster sets done, ready for the craft fair I'm doing on September 21st. I've loved every minute of it and my processes are getting more efficient with each set I make.  The Sizzix 4in circle Bigz die I bought has been invaluable with cutting up so many circles. 

You all now probably think that I've been caught in the act with wine glasses on my table. Oh no, I rarely touch wine these days as it's fattening and I much rather feeling awake than drowsy like wine makes me feel.
These babies are purely for decorative purposes. I'll use them on the stand, to show how to use the coasters, as they are a very novel idea. 

This has ended up being my favourite set so far, as I
enjoyed using free motion embroidery on the leaves,
instead of the blanket stitch or just plain
sewing I did on previous sets with the applique.

The green flower was a bit of a risk and I'm not totally
happy with the sewing on it but hey, someone might end
up getting it as a bargain if it doesn't sell, either that or I'll
make another coaster to replace that one.
I won't be doing so much sewing tomorrow as 'me and her' are off to an ice cream place tomorrow which has a huge straw Dalek in the field next door. Maggie loves Dr. Who and ice cream, so it should be a fun couple of hours out for us.

Take care out there and enjoy your weekend if you can


  1. oooo I am loving these!!!! Such a brilliant idea my lovely! Beautifully boxed as well. I hope they fly off your stand. Have a lovely ice-cream for me won't you xxx

  2. Doing a fab job Diane, they look beautiful. Oooh pics of the Dalek please??????? Have a brilliant time tomoz.
    Huge hugs x


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