Saturday, 24 August 2013

My clever friend

Hello there

I'm a lucky girl in many respects but particularly so with some clever ladies I know. For my birthday, a present I received from Mara was a gorgeous cross-stitched design card which says 'Create'. The story behind this card is funny, as Mara was away from home at the time and didn't have a a sewing machine, so she nipped into a well known store and borrowed a machine to quickly sew the fabric onto the card. How ingenious is that?! She's not one to let an issue stand in her way, for sure :-)

To enable me to keep the card so that not only can I have a memento of Mara's many talents but also the friendship she offers, I decided to frame the card. Of course just sticking it in a frame isn't interesting, so I put some background paper behind it; Tilda's Summer Blues pad. Then I made some flowers from the same paper and attached them to the frame after putting buttons as their centres. I could always have painted the wooden frame and done allsorts of fancy stuff but the focus should be the card not the frame. 

The great thing about this too is that I've had the frame for a long time and hadn't found it a purpose. 'Meant to be' springs to mind. Everything finds it's place in time; just don't be too surprised when it's not what you expected.

This isn't eloquently phrased but 'life isn't what you make it, it's what you make of what happens more often than not'.

Take care out there

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