Friday, 2 August 2013

Sewing bee

Hello there

Last night I went to my first sewing bee courtesy of Posie Girl Creations. The ladies there were very welcoming and I had a lovely time and actually was one of the first to finish, which is very odd indeed for me in the crafty sessions I normally go to. We sat in the very well sized conservatory, which was rather hot to begin with but we could just nip out of the door to stand in the cooler part of the garden if needed be. Lynsay and Kay were there for us the whole time giving advice or just monitoring progress. I would definitely recommend their classes if you're in the Warrington area and want to do some sewing workshops. They're hoping to start using a community room facility, as the workshops they've done so far have been so popular.

We made a reversible tote bag. The fabrics available were of good quality; a lovely soft cotton, although one lady chose a curtain type fabric and it worked brilliantly.

My fabrics were just lighthearted ones but very pretty.
We were given some handy hints with things like the straps and how to fold them and then sew them using horizontally placed pins all the way down, to avoid the strap from twisting.

I added a felt flower on a badge backing for the flowery side. I thought the badge backing was a good idea and then it could easily be taken off if the polka dot side was external. I sewed on a yo-yo style flower with a red button onto the base of one of the straps on the polka dot side. I sewed it on, so that the black stitches don't show on the flowery side and it's flat enough to not make too much difference to the bag no matter what way you have on the outside.

I was really pleased with the way the bag 'hangs' and especially the very tidy pointed edges of the base; it all lines up beautifully.

Some great fabric arrived today from an order I made through Fabric Rehab, so I'll be making a similiar type bag as a sewing bag ready for the Festival of Quilts which I'm going to on Thursday August 8th - so excited about that and the Karin Hellaby class I'll be doing in the afternoon there. 

Hopefully you'll nip back to see any posts I do about that trip or just about the sewing bag I'll make. In the meantime, take care out there.

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  1. ooo what a gorgeous look bag my lovely and that flower just finishes it off. I am so pleased that you have found such a lovely sounding group to sew with :D xxx


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