Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Rather chuffed

Hello there

I've actually finished the placemats and coasters set! ... Ok, you can get up off the floor from the shock now! :-)

I started these at a few weeks ago at a Karin Hellaby class at the Festival Of Quilts. The patchwork design is called Simple Pineapple which is a Karin designed version of the traditional pineapple.

Yer yer, I know; a dog free photo is a challenge for me!
Even though I intended these for my house when I first started them, I realised that they would be a good item to sell at the craft fair I'm going to in September. I've had a look on a few handcrafted websites and I think I could ask at least £45 for these, as there's 6 of the place-mats and 6 coordinating coasters.
At least there aren't any dogs at the table!

The techniques involved include patchwork, machine quilting and hand sewing the home-made binding in place.

I'm working on a decent way to package them, which will include the little 'tag' I made, as seen in top left hand corner of this photo:

I've made the backing fabric two different colours on both the coasters and the placemats; the same as two on the front:

I'm a happy girl but trouble is, I almost hope that nobody buys them, so that I can keep them, although I do have plenty of material left.

Take care out there


  1. Awe Diane I don't blame you for wanting to keep them, they are gorgeous. Beautifully finished and they look amazing all laid out on the table. Fab job sweetie, I'm sure they will get snapped up at the craft fair.
    Hugs x

    1. Dawn, you are such a diamond gem for commenting on my blog; where would I be without you and Karen and Catherine? xx

  2. WOW m'dear, these are really gorgeous, no wonder you want to keep them! Saying that, if you love them someone else will too and buy them :D I love your idea of the fabric tag, a lovely finishing touch for your packaging. Don't forget to add your name somewhere as well!

    Have to say that I would be very disappointed if there wasn't a dog in your pics HUGS xxx


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