Sunday, 18 August 2013


Hello there

Well my 10,000th viewing of this blog has been and gone. I'm now onto 10036, which is fabbo, dabbo! I know that alot of those viewings might be from companies who electronically set up their systems to 'view' pages but that's fine. When I started this blog, I highly doubted that I'd keep up with it, so I'm really chuffed that I've kept going for so long; it must be three years now. I don't know how to find out when I first started but I know that I've done 257 posts!

I'm telling you today about 'By DW' really and what I'm up to in relation to continuing/refreshing/updating my business profile. I still find it hard to think of it as a business but more as a small enterprise. It's something I've barely put any effort into really when you look at how successful enterprises are and how hard they work to keep them going but it's there none the less. This morning I took the step of joining The Enterprise Nation Club, which was set up by Emma Jones (MBE). It only costs £20 for the year but it feels to me as if I've made a bigger commitment now. That money gives you discounts on allsorts of things such as business cards and books and the price of a ticket for a StartUp Saturday event. I want to go to the one in Liverpool on September 7th. Go and have a look to see what it's all about.

I've also started doing The Enterprise Nation's 12 week long FREE start-up course. It just involves one email a week to read over and possibly take action on. The first one is all about coming up with a business idea, which I've done in a very vague way. They encourage a far more considered view of course and suggest finding a niche product to help you market your items more efficiently. I can't let my failings on any of this prevent me from moving on with this plan. I will adapt and modify as I go forward of course but as long as the momentum is there, it'll be fine.


I'm planning on writing a more in-depth story for The Crafty Network, so you'll see a link for that on the business page of this blog -My Creative business journey. Wait until I've done it though - give this girl half a chance :-)

Right, now to do some more handsewing of bias binding round these placemats I've been making. I bought some invisible thread yesterday at Grace and Favour, as I'm determined to have a go at using the machine sewing method to sewing the last part of the binding on. Hand sewing is all very well and good when it's decorative but it's so tedious when it's just serving a practical purpose and takes far too long to make the place mats financially viable at possibly £25 a set of 6.

Take care out there


  1. Awe bless you, thats a lot of views tee hee, and WOW on your number of posts. Hmm, I'm planning on a giveaway when I get to 100 posts, will be a while yet though lmao!! Good on you for going for the business option, I shall be nosy and watch from afar as this is something that's crossed my mind more than once too.
    Huge hugs x

  2. I am intrigued my lovely and wait with great interest on your plans. I am excited (and very nosy) about whatever your niche product may be xxx


Go on, you know you want to comment! Have you tried anything like this? Do you want a few more snippets of information about this project to help you do something similiar? Has it inspired you or given you ideas to do it differently?

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