Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tawk tawk I tawk to you

Hello there

Now you'll need to be of a certain generation i.e mine, to have a vague chance of understanding my title of this post. It's some lyrics out of an 90's song that was playing when I nipped out in the car this morning in the SUN! I really wanted to drive fast in a flashy car but a) my car is everything but not flashy in any way shape or form and b) the roads round here aren't suited to driving fast. The words are really 'talk talk' of course but it sounds like he's saying 'tawk' :-) Real McCoy were the band.

Anyway enough of my mutterings about something and nothing; although the SUNshine is definitely something to shout about when you live in the UK. Chris reckons that in the paper it said that it was the driest July in 300 years and yes, you guessed it; the hosepipe bans will start soon. I'm a SUN and warmth worshiper. I've sat in my craft room alot lately with the window open, overlooking a SUNny garden with a slight breeze occasionally = pretty darned good!

Oops, I muttered more! :-)

Down to the nitty gritty now. I'm making some coasters for a craft fair I'm sharing a stand at. I'm making very slow progress because of being distracted constantly, which is something which depresses me sometimes but today, I'm not bothered. I've had a stressful week worrying about my daughter in Vienna without a visa she needs, as the school lost it outside the school gates for crying out loud! This crafting is my relaxation/let go and breathe time. She gets back into Gatwick tonight at 5ish, so once immigration is over there, then I'll really be able to relax.

..... oh boy, I'm doing some serious muttering in this post!

I know you can hardly see the coasters but hey, it's sunshine!!

These still need some stars sewn on them; so wish I'd
thought of that before sewing them together!
Oh well, the next batch will be done properly!

I used my Cricut to cut out some 1in stars and then
used them as templates to cut out the felt.
I use a water erasable pen to draw around the template,
so all you have to do is drop them in water and the marks
disappear. It's fab! They're drying here in the SUN!!
Ok, I'm stopping there before I waffle any more. Thanks for persevering with this post!

Take care out there and smile in the sun.

20/7/13- P.S Maggie got through immigration successfully thankfully.

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  1. Hi, you mutter away sweetheart! Still can't believe that they lost Maggie's Visa...complete idiots!!!! Your Christmas coasters are looking gorgeous, I really hope that you do well :D As for the SUN...I have a thermometer in my craft room now and its hitting 28 and its nearly 5 o'clock!!!!! xxx


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