Saturday, 11 May 2013

Not good

Hello there

Anyone got some happy vibes to send my way? If so, please share by commenting here.

That can be the good aspect about things like Facebook, as people who are feeling happy, share that on there and when I read it, it can help have a positive impact on me. Today it was Linda from The Crafty Network, who posted about having quite a few new likers of her page over night. The other was my friend Catherine who posted about feeling very upbeat because it's the weekend. Both these things have helped step up my mood a bit. 

I'm feeling rather fed up of British weather at the minute, as having the necessity to wear a hat in May as the wind and rain are bad, is not conducive to me feeling the joy of spring. I know people overseas will think that I'm just another whinging pom but I'm trying not to be by surrounding myself with positive people and events but it's a struggle sometimes. 'Him indoors' is also away on a cruise to Norway at the moment, so I've got added responsibilities at home now too and and and and...... ok, I'll stop with the whinging now.

Believe it or not, I didn't come on here to start sharing my woes, I had actually intended to just share some photos of a project I've just finished. It's a re-purposed draft excluder. Previously it was a draft excluder that I bought for our first Christmas in this house. It had Christmas applique on it and didn't have a way of washing the cover. I have to admit that it therefore was only vacuumed in two years. I had to cut the old cover off and then make a cover for the stuffing from an old sheet (old sheets should never be thrown away, as they can be so so useful). I used some gorgeous fabric I've had for quite some time and was previously used to make a cushion cover for my daughter's room
Incase you're wondering; this isn't me just being odd
by putting a draft excluder on an internal door -
the door goes into the garage, so it does
get quite a draft under there.

Since the cover was so easy, I decided to put some decorative stitching to sew the top seam over ( I so wish I had a machine with much more than 5 fancy stitches on- mine doesn't even do blanket stitch- uh oh, I'm whinging again! :-) ). To cover where the press-studs were attached I cut some felt hearts out and hand blanket stitched round them - so MEGA cute!
The stitching is rubbish (especially the first stitch) but
I loved doing it. I used to do proper embroidery at school
and this brings it all back to me; even basic blanket stitch.
 I'm really loving Mandy Shaw at the minute from Dandelion Designs and I bought her book 'Stitch at home' which has some fabbo projects in, which I'm keen to get started on but I have other projects on the go, which need to be finished first.

Take care out there

P.S Those of you who own dogs might realise that there's only one thing they think draft excluders are useful for..........

Nero has done that since he was a tiny puppy but he
forgets he's a big heffalump now, whose bum barely
fits on it :-)
I hadn't got the excluder down for longer than two minutes before he decided to take a pew :-)


  1. Positivity flowing your way hon. Hugs! C xxx

  2. Awe, loving your draft excluder Diane.. the colours are gorgeous ♥♥

    Sending you great BIG cyber (((hugs))) your way hun XXXXX

    Please, please don't think you have upset me btw.. Pinterest just gets under my skin!!!!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, your friend Gez xxxx


Go on, you know you want to comment! Have you tried anything like this? Do you want a few more snippets of information about this project to help you do something similiar? Has it inspired you or given you ideas to do it differently?

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