Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A very brave woman

Hello there

This is a Barbara Fritchie Star block. Apparently during the Civil War, she heard General Sherman and his soldiers coming, so she went to stand in front of her flag and said "you'll have to shoot me before I'll let you take my flag". He was heartened by her appeal and let her keep her life and her flag. Then they named a patchwork block after her; as you do! Women of strength and firm belief, often face strong threat but it shows how much of a social event, patch-working was then, as these stories evidently were told whilst the women chatted and sewed.

The main issue I had with this block was the flying goose section. Kaye's video explains about how to put together the three pieces which make up the goose ( the pointed part of the triangle looks like the formation geese make when flying together). To attempt a basic explanation of the problem, I need to explain that I cut my pieces with the Simplicity ez templates, which have a flat end to each triangle. The actual templates I used were the 'easy angle' (half square triangle) and the 'companion angle' (quarter square triangle). This will all sound quite confusing to none quilters/patchwork makers but I'm hoping it might help anyone who does an internet search for help with this block.

Kaye's advice  is to place flat end to flat end (of each fabric piece cut) at the point of the goose but I couldn't do that as my right hand section would be back to front if I did that. I did send a question in about this but on hindsight I realise that it was probably my fault having the fabric the wrong way when cutting it. It's a batik design and it can be difficult to tell which is the correct side with some parts of it. The 'light' fabric i.e the purple, is easy, as it's double sided..... it spent most of it's life being a sheet, then I machine dyed it and it's also helped make the curtains in my craft room. This block is going to become part of a large cushion cover in my craft room.

I resolved the problem by just putting the right hand side piece 'point to flat' instead and made it work fine but I will be aware of that in the future.

I'm still learning but I'm also still enjoying! 

Take care out there

p.s If you haven't been reading my blog lately, firstly I need to ask "why not?!!" No excuses allowed here :-)
Secondly, I need to tell you that Kaye England is the teacher of the Craftsy class I'm doing at the moment, called 'Re-piecing the past'.


  1. I am here!!!!! :D

    Another gorgeous block, you are on a roll my lovely!!! xxx

  2. WoW! Diane.. how clever are you.. love the story too.. Thank you, thank you for all your kind words.. they have kept me going, I appreciate every single visit you make to my blog.. so sorry, I haven't called sooner.. life n all that! Hoping to make amends over the summer..

    You can buy Stampotique stamps in the UK.. a couple of good places to start are.. The Stamp Attic, A Sprinkle of Imagination and Happy Daze.

    Hope you have a lovely day Diane xx


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