Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A quick sneaky post

Hello there
I'm being naughty and writing this post in bed, as 'him indoors' is away at the moment, so I can!
 I want to share a couple of cards I made tonight at a friend's Stamp-a-stack event. Catherine did a brilliant job of leading us rowdy crafters in the right direction, yet in a way which still let us have fun. 

This was the first one we made. You'll see that I've not done a very good job on matching up my layers. I love the cherry cobbler colour though. You can't tell from this photo but I also sprayed a homemade alcohol mist over the whisper white card sections. You use the Stampin' Up gold shimmer mist with some alcohol in a spray bottle - it's so much easier and prettier than glitter.
The next card was my favourite -
We were shown how to emboss only away from the centre piece - it's a great technique to provide a very effective look. It basically involves creating a home made thick stencil of the shape you want and placing that on the top of your 'sandwich' whilst running it through your Cuttlebug or whichever machine you own. I chose a scalloped card base, as I think it ties in well with the scalloped circle in the middle.
I had a fun night with my crafty friends and I've still got all the kit to make another 5 cards at least from Catherine.  We were too busy chatting to make a 'stack' :-)
Thanks again x

Take care out there and try to craft with friends as often as you can


  1. Your cards look fab, and thanks for bringing glittery stuff for us to play with!

  2. they look great... argh I missed glitter!! darn sickness bug!!

  3. Its always so much fun when a group of crafters get together :D Your cards look fabulous! x

  4. Helen, you'll proabably make all 8 of the cards Catherine had planned as we're not there to disrupt you :-)
    Karen - I agree completely, although my group tend to talk too much and not get alot of crafting done but we love it, so no matter :-)


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