Friday, 26 October 2012

Advent tree project

Hello there

Here's a new type of project for me. A week or so ago I showed you the pack I had bought on a little shopping spree I had in Crabapplecrafts in Frodsham. This is the result of my labours.
It's been quite a learning curve in many respects and it's taken me a, what feels like, long time but that's only because I've only had the opportunity to dedicate short bursts of time to do it. I would love to be able to sell them but since the base unit cost £20 basically and then the time it's taken to make it, I'd have to sell it for about £35 minimum, which I'm not sure would be popular. It wouldn't take me so long next time, as I can learn from the mistakes I made and develop speedier methods of construction. I might put it on my Folksy shop and see if anything happens.

I didn't have the right acrylic paint colours I wanted. I dealt with this issue by over painting the internal shelves in brisk white strokes to try to 'vintagafy' it - crazy word but I like it!
I used a make-up brush which came in a Christmas cracker one year. I don't wear make-up, so I'm glad I decided to actually keep the set and have put it to use.

I used a gorgeous silk art card for the shadow of the numbers, which was a mistake as plain black would've been fine as you can barely see it.

I think I must've closed the sections in together too tightly as I had trouble placing the 'roof' hexagonal piece on whilst letting the drawers close properly. I combatted that issue by glueing 3D foam tape in the exact centre of the top, so as to raise it high enough for the drawers to fit in. The gorgeous bobbly cord I had bought for the project, worked brilliantly to cover the slight gap left between the cone roof and the top tiny drawers.

I've made a video again for you to see a few of the stages of construction. I've found much better/appropriate music for this video, so hopefully you'll enjoy watching it more. Go to here if you want to make Christmas videos and add free from copyright music to go along with it.
I've been looking at a whole pile of Tando product related projects, so you'll be seeing loads more in the future. Watch this space!
Take care out there.


  1. Hi Diane, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today. The snowflakes range from 2cms to 3.5cms so they are perfect for cards and they also fit this advent you've made!
    You've done a fabulous job on this one and I know from experience how much time it takes so well done on the patience. It looks gorgeous in blues.
    Kaz x

  2. Awesome job with the tree! Like Kaz, I also like the shades of blue. I'm about to tackle a Tando Village in a Box kit that I'm hoping to assemble and decorate by Christmas, LOL. It's great that you have your piece finished early! Thanks for the inspiration. =)

  3. Kaz and Dana - you have no idea how great you've made me feel; that two ladies as talented as you have been to look at my blog and commented. I've had almost 5000 views on my blog since I started a couple of years ago but hardly anyone comments.
    I'm stoked! Which means I'm happy where I live :-)

  4. This looks fabulous Diane! I'm not at all sure I could bear making these to sell - there's so much effort in there that it's hard not to have become attached by the end of the process! The cool blues really set it off well, great job!

  5. WOW have done an amazing job to this! Its such a fiddly make. I love all the different blues in it. Now you need someone to fill it up for you to open every day :D xxx


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