Friday, 12 October 2012

Fun times ahead

Hello there

I've just had a fun couple of hours driving to Frodsham. Sun shining, so sunglasses on. My new cd by the Overtones playing rather loudly and hardly any cars on the road. And I was driving to a craft shop, on a mission to get a particular item. What could be better in life?! The craft shop in question is Crab Apple Crafts in Frodsham, so if you're in the vicinity, get your shades at the ready and favourite cd in the car and head over there to see what goodies you can get.

You may wonder why I'm getting excited over a chipboard kit but wait until you see what the Tando Creative design team and Rosemary Merry do with their kits - it's brilliant!

I also 'had' to buy a couple of other things of course, such as:
I've never used this before, so desperate to get playing with that too, hopefully on the advent calendar if I work it right!

Ok, got crafting to do, so best get on.

Take care out there and pop over to listen to this and see what you think:
The Overtones


  1. You gave me the laugh I needed today Diane. I am sat here reading your blog post and can just imagine you chattering away saying these things. Have fun with your new goodies. I have lots of fun with crackle paint and not always the way it should turn out. :)

  2. Ooh the advent tree looks fabby! I want one!


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